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Forum > UFO's, Chem trail news, strange goings on.

Chemtrails today - worst i've seen, thursday 6th sep 2012

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Looked out of the window this morning and it was a clear blue sky. By 10 o'clock the sun had gone with the chem trails and the sky was a mess.
Our friends started spraying about 7am in their usual pairs. By 9.45 the sun was blotted out completely just by the spray from these planes, not a cloud in sight. One of the picture shows three planes spraying in a line, the bottom two run out of spray and turn around while the third plane carries on. That is the picture marked 'stop'.
By dinner time the sky was a mess with the sun blanked totally out (see picture marked 'mess'.

None of these planes are on registered domestic or international flight paths for either cargo or passenger planes. They are above the operating ceiling of 40,000 feet and so are in the military airspace. Close up inspection reveals most of them are C130 transport planes kitted out with spray equipment. Takes four hours for their **** to get into our lungs so by dinner time we were breathing in about 60 tonnes of this stuff in West Yorkshire.

More pictures. By 9.30am one of the chemtrails was about ten miles wide and had blotted out the sun.
Lunchtime and the bottom picture shows whats left of the blue sky.

The funny thing about it is that they don't do it by force, people actually except it. People consent by turning a blind eye when you talk to them about this stuff.
There are strange flaring orbs in the sky at night ( go outside on a clear night to witness these irratic moving orbs around 9pm ,they dont move like planes or satellites) ,this crap in the air by day ,yet when you talk about it you are branded a "CONSPIRACY THEORIST".
Yesterday a mate called me "the theory guy" I said "does not most science form out of theories? This hence makes theories very important. I had to laugh, what a nob.  ;)



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